Enrollment Agreement

MM slash DD slash YYYY
U.S. Citizen(Required)
Program Choice(Required)
**A level of experience required for Module 8. You must submit music you have worked on and complete a questionnaire of your setup and work flow. This class is standalone only.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
• Shall provide programs of study that meet minimum curriculum requirements as prescribed by the state regulatory agency.
• May change kit contents, textbooks, dress code, curriculum format, teaching materials and or educational methods at its discretion.
• Will grant a diploma of graduation and Official Transcript of Hours for the applicable course when the student has successfully completed all phases of study, required tests, practical assignments; passed a final comprehensive written and practical examination; completed the program of study according to State requirements; completed all exit paperwork; attended an exit interview and made satisfactory arrangements for payment of all debts owed to the school.
• Will issue an Official Transcript of Hours to students who withdraw prior to program completion when the student has successfully completed the required exit paperwork, attended an exit interview and made satisfactory arrangements for debts owed the school as approved by the school.
• Will assist graduates in finding suitable employment by posting area employment opportunities and teaching Start-up Business classes, but placement is not guaranteed.
• May terminate a student's enrollment for noncompliance with General Policies, this contract, or State Laws and Regulations; Improper conduct or any action which causes or could cause bodily harm to a client, a student, or employee of the school; willful destruction of school property; and theft or any illegal act.

Student: • Agrees to pay applicable school and state fees and provide all required registration paperwork in a timely manner.
• Agrees to comply with all Standards of Conduct, General Policies, State Laws and Regulations, and educational requirements including clinic assignments.
• Agrees not to refuse to perform client services or other program requirements.
• Agrees to provide all financial aid documents, if applicable, in the designated time frame.
• Agrees to comply with the school’s dress code at all times and project a professional image representative of the cosmetology and image industry.
• Agrees to comply with the assigned schedule for the applicable program of study which may change from time to time at the discretion of the school.
• Agrees to attend theory class as scheduled for the duration of the course of study regardless of whether all required tests have been taken and passed.
• Understands that if he/she is a Title IV financial aid recipient, * minimum attendance and grade requirements must be maintained for satisfactory academic progress; failure to comply will result in loss of eligibility for financial aid according to the policy found in the catalog.
• Understands that he/she is responsible for the state licensing exam fee and other examination or licensing related expenses.
For applicants who cancel enrollment or students who withdraw from enrollment a fair and equitable settlement will apply. The following policy will apply to all terminations for any reason, by either party, including student decision, course or program cancellation, or school closure. Any monies due to the applicant or students shall be refunded within 45 days of official cancellation or withdrawal. Associated Fees for the program Audio Production Tools & Books are non-refundable.

Official cancellation or withdrawal shall occur on the earlier of the dates that:

1. An applicant is not accepted by the school. The applicant shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid less application fee.
2. A student (or in the case of a student under legal age, his/her parent or guardian) cancels his/her enrollment in writing within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement. In this case all monies collected by the school shall be refunded, regardless of whether or not the student has actually started classes.
3. A student cancels his/her enrollment after three business days of signing the contract but prior to starting classes. In these cases, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school less the registration fee in the amount of $150.
4. A student notifies the institution of his/her withdrawal in writing.
5. A student on an approved leave of absence notifies the school that he/she will not be returning. The date of withdrawal shall be the earlier of the date of expiration of the leave of absence or the date the student notifies the institution that the student will not be returning.
6. A student is expelled by the school. (Unofficial withdrawals will be determined by the institution by monitoring attendance at least every 30 days.)
7. In type 2, 3, 4 or 5, official cancellations or withdrawals, the cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on the written notification, or the date said notification is delivered to the school administrator or owner in person.

• For students who enroll and begin classes but withdraw prior to course completion (after three business days of signing the contract), the following schedule of tuition earned by the school applies. All refunds are based on scheduled hours:

0.01% to 04.9%
5% to 09.9%
10% to 14.9%
15% to 24.9%
25% to 49.9%
50% and over


• All refunds will be calculated based on the student’s last date of attendance. Any monies due a student who withdraws shall be refunded within 45 days of a determination that a student has withdrawn, whether officially or unofficially. In the case of disabling illness or injury, death in the student's immediate family or other documented mitigating circumstances, a reasonable and fair refund settlement will be made. If permanently closed or no longer offering instruction after a student has enrolled, the school will provide a pro rata refund of tuition to the student OR provide course completion through a pre-arranged teach out agreement with another institution. If the course is canceled subsequent to a student's enrollment, the school will either provide a full refund of all monies paid or completion of the course at a later time.
• Students who withdraw or terminate prior to course completion are charged a cancellation or administrative fee of $150.00. This refund policy applies to tuition and fees charged in the enrollment agreement. Other miscellaneous charges the student may have incurred at the institution (EG: extra kit materials, books, products, unreturned school property, etc.) will be calculated separately at the time of withdrawal. All fees are identified in the catalog and in this enrollment agreement.
*AED school is currently not eligible to participate in federal Title IV Financial Aid Programs.