Audio Recording Services in Detroit

Audio Engineers of Detroit provides many different audio recording services, including commercial voice over, music recording, 5.1 mixing, podcasting and audio book recording.

“Audio Engineers of Detroit handled our first project together well! Mike and his team were professional, on time and delivered the project to our specs.”

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Recording Music

Recording is the process of capturing your performance. To perform well you must be comfortable, and that is why our recording studio is all about vibe. Whether you choose to record live, or everything separate, we can provide high quality recordings, what’s right for your project is up to you.

Record and Mix up to 64 Digital Audio Tracks
Mix up to 32 channels of simultaneous I/O with Avid HDX Core PCle Card w/ Pro Tools I Ultimate
Audio Postproduction
Post production for radio, film, television, and web content. Having clear audio to go along with your video is important and while mixing to picture does differ considerably from music, it uses a lot of the same tools and techniques.
Production Musicians Available
Do you want to record some songs, but you do not have a band? That is totally fine… because we do! Many artists without bands utilize the brilliance of our exceptional session musicians to convey their musical vision in a recording. Our session musicians are highly skilled in playing almost every genre: Their in-depth knowledge of music theory, advanced playing techniques, cool headed confidence and reliability make these guys the cream of the crop! (Extra Cost)
Audiobook Recording
We do all types of educational, and non-fiction for entertainment audio book productions for audible and the internet everywhere. We can help you record yourself or hire a professional voice actor. We can help create engaging content with licensing music and sound effects like in a movie for more engaging content.
Audio Plug-Ins
If plug-ins are what you are looking for, we have them. Over 400 of some of the top plug-ins in the business.
Dolby Digital 5.1 & Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Mixing
Mix your next big film project in Dolby Digital 5.1 all the way up to Dolby Atmos surround sound.
Audio over ISDN Remote Connections
For broadcasting & recording real-time connection, with facilities worldwide.
Private Sessions
All recording sessions at AED Recording Studio are engineered and recorded by AED Recording Studio engineers only and only client approved people are allowed in the control room / studio area during sessions.
Security on Site
Onsite security for employees and clients during working hours.
Free Parking
Free lighted parking in the back & side of the building.
Music Production
Every great recording has started with the artist’s creative goals. Great music productions start with great producers. Getting the right sound is the most important aspect in any recording. Music production can range from simply guiding you through the recording process, to choosing and setting up your instruments, working on arrangements, and adding instruments. Ultimately, it is our job to help translate your creative vision to a recording throughout your music production.
Commercial Voice Over
Record high quality voice overs, ADR, and Foley, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the internet.
Original Film / Video Scores & Sound Effects
Need original music or sound effects for a film or video project? Let us help translate your creative vision to a recording throughout your film / video production. (Extra Cost)
Podcasting is a medium that has grown tremendously. Our services will include post-production editing to assistance in getting your podcast listed on major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster, or just starting out, we can offer a professional touch, and relaxed space for your podcast. We can even do phone patch, post-production, sound effects, etc.
Audio Restoration
Have an old recording that needs a little help, or location audio that has a high noise floor, clicks, hum, or other issues? Through spectral analysis and repair, we can remove many of these issues leaving you with clean ready to use audio. Location sound often suffers from background noises such as fans, generators, wind noise, unexpected distortion from screams, and unpleasant room reverberations, among other things. Using specialized tools, we can analyze the content and reduce these issues with artifacts in the rest of the audio content.
Sound Design
Need help with a music and effects track? We can help you provide industry quality sound for your project including recording dialog, sound effects and music.
Recording Studio Audio Engineering Training Classes
We offer a 12-week Entry-Level and a 24-week Advanced Recording Studio Audio Engineering programs that covers basic audio engineering concepts to digital recording, music producing and mixing technology designed to equip students for their first step toward a professional audio engineering and music production career.
Reduced Rates for 10-hour Blocks
Save money by booking time block bulk hours.
Full Kitchen On-Site
Personal Chef serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Extra Cost).
Located in Mid-town Detroit Area
Conveniently located near Wayne State University and the Charles H. Wright Museum and just minutes away from everything that downtown Detroit has to offer.